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Employee surveys

Know what your employees need to succeed

Making the most of every employee’s abilities benefits them and the business. Whatever their role, each individual works better when they are fully engaged in what they are doing. Once you know what your employees are capable of, you are able to help them achieve their best.

With Survey Solutions, you get all this insight and more. We equip you with the knowledge and confidence to act on our findings and implement decisions that will engage staff and enhance performance through ‘quick wins’, continuous improvement and sustained customer-centric behaviour.

The 8 steps of running a survey

We'll guide you through the whole survey process

  • 1

    Planning your employee survey

  • 2

    Communicating about your Survey

  • 3

    Running your Survey

  • 4

    Analysing and reporting your results

  • 5

    Benchmarking your results

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  • We can facilitate employee focus groups to define the most critical themes and then design an engagement questionnaire to meet your needs.

  • Your employees are going to respond best if they know the employee satisfaction survey is coming, have heard endorsement from respected leaders and believe something will happen as a result. We can support you to create an internal communication campaign that will help you achieve phenomenal response rates.

  • Survey Solutions can help you get to every sector of your workforce, through online, mobile, paper or telephone surveys, or a blend of approaches. While your survey is running, you and your employees will have full account support, be kept up to speed with response rates and any actions required.

  • Survey Solutions’s reports are delivered in easy to read formats, with engagement scores and key engagement drivers highlighted to different audiences appropriately. We’ll help you to make sense of your employee’s ideas and opinions. That means you can take action quickly – you can start engaging.

  • We’ll collate your results and compare the results to ‘Average’ and ‘Benchmark Best’ norms from hundreds of surveys and over 3 million responses.

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The benefits of employee engagement

There is plenty of hard evidence about the value of engaging employees.

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Detailed analysis and reports

A full suite of online and offline reporting options are available

What our clients say

  • Always an excellent service. Survey Solutions is proactive in understanding our needs and can be relied on to deliver. I value the insight that they provide for me. We are still on our engagement journey and the results we’ve seen in the business during the last few years clearly demonstrate improved engagement in our workforce.

  • Working with Survey Solutions to deliver BMiSay has been a seamless experience. We have been thoroughly impressed with the professional manner in which the project was run and the quality of the data has given us a much deeper insight into what we are doing well as an organisation and what we can be doing better. This allows us an opportunity to really get under the skin of the issues that affect the engagement of our staff.

  • Survey Solutions have proved themselves to be more than just a robust delivery channel for survey provision. They have become a dependable partner for the Nuffield Health organisation.

  • We wanted a partnership with a provider who could really understand our needs. Within weeks, we commissioned Survey Solutions to develop a 360 degree feedback system for us. We chose Survey Solutions because of their proven expertise in this area and the practical realism that they brought to the table from the start of the project. There was a clear alignment with our values and core competencies that stood out compared with the other organisations on our short-list.

  • Survey Solutions have run our survey twice now. Our survey has been a combination of paper-based and online, in eight languages across 15 countries, with results provided via an interactive portal with a number of bespoke reports provided in addition to the portal. Both surveys have run very smoothly, on time and on budget and I have always found Survey Solutions to be easy to work with, flexible, proactive. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

  • It's been a pleasure working with Survey Solutions to deliver our staff survey. They have helped us develop a set of questions tailored to our individual needs. Also working closely with us to provide detailed and relevant reporting. They are always available for further support and provide us with excellent level of service. Their experience has been invaluable to us.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed working with Survey Solutions. They provided us with a well managed solution to our survey needs, from identifying the right questions to providing comprehensive reporting. I felt they delivered the extra mile as they were always there to support the challenges an employee survey project can present.