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31 / Jul / 15
By Mary Obozua

10 things to do after your next survey

Preparing to launch an employee engagement survey requires a lot of preparation and planning. David McLeod cited that 90% of the work needs to be attributed to post survey activities. That’s where employee engagement becomes transformational and part of continuous improvement.

… transformational engagement - it’s how we do what we do based on deep-seated beliefs. People can be brilliant or the opposite of brilliant. Our job is to create an environment where we can get people to be brilliant’. (David McLeod. HR Review)

Our blog is all about 10 ways to maximise the results from your next employee survey. Version 1 was first published 16th November 2012. We have updated and refined it

Employee Engagement Surveys are an Investment, not just a Cost

The cost of running an employee survey can range from a few thousand pounds to over six figures in many large organisations, so they generally represent a significant financial investment.    They also involve an investment in internal management time, and - most importantly – in the expectations that they raise with employees.  They will expect the results to be acted upon!

This is why we stress that the work is only half done when the survey reports are produced, and it is essential to have a strong post-survey action plan that incorporates communication of the results, discussions about the findings, and what is going to be done with them.

Here are 10 ways we suggest to maximise the results from your next employee survey:

No 1 – Get commitment to a Top Line engagement strategy (to include survey plans and post-survey action plans) with Senior Management BEFORE the survey

No 2 – Decide on how to communicate survey results to employees and tell them – then stick to your plan

No 3 – Review the Topline results – what are the top 10 and bottom 10 results?

No 4 – Arrange the Senior Management Presentation of results

No 5 - Analyse your Results online. Identify where engagement is strong and where it needs to be improved and identify drivers of engagement by commissioning statistical analysis

No 6 – Brief the Key People Managers on the results for their area and any drivers that have been identified

No 7 – Decide on post survey focus groups to delve more deeply into engagement drivers

No 8 – Plan the management process for action planning

No 9 – Help People Managers to deliver on their action plans – track progress if possible

No 10 – Consider running an interim survey to keep a finger on the ‘Pulse’

We hope these ideas help you in your own employee engagement programmes.  If you have some particular tactics for post survey work that have worked well in your organisation, and that you would like to share, please email us, and we would be delighted to consider these for future articles.


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