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03 / Jun / 16
By Damian Miller

7 habits of highly effective customer people

My attempt to emulate Covey with a customer twist

At one with the people: Engaging with their customers, making them feel part of the brand experience.

 7 habits of customer people

Listening to their customers: Actively listening to their customers and seek to understand the experiences.

listen to your customers

Walking a mile in their shoes: demonstrating empathy whenever confronted with a customer issue.

walk in your customers shoes

Seeing with the eyes of the customer: Proactively looking at their practices as if they were the customer.

see with the eyes of your customers

 Raising the bar: looking to continually improve themselves, their teams and the experiences they deliver.

Raising the bar

Taking responsibility: Not shying away when things go wrong and improvements are needed.


Leading from the front: Showing the way to great customer experiences and bringing their people with them.

Are you in the habit of delivering great experiences?

At Survey Solutions we help our clients to listen to and understand their customers. We help diagnose challenges and celebrate success. We have the tools to help businesses take action from the insights we deliver and we help leaders execute their customer engagement vision


When is variety not the ‘spice of life’?


Employee Engagement takes work, disengagement…not so much!

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