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29 / Oct / 15
By Mary Obozua

Before the door

engaging employees before they joinGetting the offer of a new job is a thrilling experience! You’ve been through the rounds of the CV review, telephone interview(s), presentations, ‘creative’ interviews and passed them all, to then finally receive the news that ‘yes’ the job is yours. That call or email was probably met with tears of joy, celebration drinks/meals or treats, pumping fists in the air, screeching with glee- whatever you/I did, we did it because the news meant so much.

It’s pretty safe to say at that point most are ‘engaged’ and full of excitement that we bring with us on day 1 of the on-boarding and induction experience.

Most on-boarding programmes are designed to get the candidate up to speed with the organisation’s aims and goals, to establish how their role fits into that cycle and to also share company visions and values. It’s intended to be a very supportive process that should get each candidate engaged on their career path within the company.

This is the ideal on-boarding experience, but we know that the reality can often be different, with joiners not being spoken to for hours, no desk or PC etc. Studies have shown that the first 90 days for a newbie are crucial, I agree, however I will also suggest the month before they walk through the doors to start is also very important.

So here are some of other examples of what Line Managers can do to help achieve a good culture, engage employees and positively impact pre-employment wellbeing:

Call- better than sending a letter or email or even waiting until they start; spend a few minutes to call and introduce yourself if you haven't already met them and to congratulate them. This way there’s a connection before they start and less awkwardness on day 1.

Brief- brief the team on who they are and how they fit in with the overall goal. When their new colleague joins, others will be aware of who they are and what they will be doing

Connect- if the company has various social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. This could help them feel already involved and part of a great team. Another way could be to introduce a buddy system to cultivate a positive culture

Plan- plan the first day and first weeks well enough that they are excited to return the following day and continue their induction. There is nothing worse for a new employee than walking into a company where nothing is planned out for the induction or worse still that line managers have forgotten about them starting.

At Survey Solutions we help our clients listen to their employees and customers, to increase business success. As well as assisting our clients with general employee opinion surveys and 360 degree feedback programmes we provide specific expertise to (for example) help them understand how well induction is working, gain feedback on the recruitment process and dig into the reasons for attrition.  

If we can help you to find out what your new joiners and existing employees think, please email us directly here or call +44 (0)20 8943 1445 to find out how your business can profit from our bespoke, flexible and transformative service.


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