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30 / Sep / 16
By Damian Miller

Brexit effects on customer experience

Brexit and Business customers

Brexit impacts on customersWith so much uncertainty following the decision to exit the European Union, it is a tough economic landscape to predict. Many critics are still advocating the hard times to come, so is there a better time than now to try and understand how your customers are feeling?

Whilst it is impossible to know for sure what will happen when the UK triggers article 50 and we work towards the best trade deals we can negotiate, one thing we do know is that it will have some impact on our customers be that good or bad. However not knowing the outcome isn’t a reason not to have some sort of plan in place. Knowing how customers are feeling and understanding their thinking about Brexit is a great place from which to start building those plans.

It may well be very reassuring for your customers to know that you are thinking and planning for the eventualities of change and that could help to keep you ahead of the competition. Your customers may well be looking at the alternatives and contingencies of their own and long lasting relationships may well be re-evaluated in the ‘shake up’ process.

Considering Brexit specific surveys or questions within existing customer experience surveys could provide some advanced warning as to the market thinking at the moment. Presenting a forward thinking and proactive outlook to your customers is the perfect way to deal with uncertainty. Honestly stating that whilst we don’t have the facts today you are not standing still and are looking to plan for the eventualities can go a long way to bringing your customers with you through any potential changes.

It is also very possible as the Brexit decisions take shape that your customers may begin to behave differently or have different requirements from their experiences. If you are not alive to this possibility and keeping your finger on the pulse of your customer experiences, how will you ensure that you are meeting their needs and keep improving customer loyalty and advocacy?

I have little doubt that we will come out of this period of uncertainty at some point, but the shape of the customer landscape may well look very different on the other side of our exit negotiations. We may find that new markets and opportunities are open to us, but we may also find new competitor threats appearing to challenge us. The organisations that plot the best course through these changes by making the most of their customer insights will likely emerge with an advantage over their competition.


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