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18 / Oct / 17
By Colin Wheeler

Why measuring success is critical for business

What gets measured …

The famous quote, attributed to Pete Drucker and others, "What get measured gets done" is very apposite at times of uncertainty and risk - and we're certainly in those times.

September and October have been interesting months with a focus on how and why performance is tracked and measured.

The AMEC (International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications – ran the annual Measurement Month in September, promoting the use of robust metrics and targets in evaluation communications activity. Although I was away at the start of the month, I did support via social channels and also wrote a chapter in a new book – Demonstrating the value of Communication ( 

I also attended the Effectiveness Week conference on Tuesday 10th October, part of the Effectiveness Works initiative from the IPA and many collaborators. I gave a talk on Friday 13th at an Effectiveness Week satellite event, representing AMEC and PRCA.

Keeping track of how you are performing, whether it relates to Communications, the focus of these events, or managing and tracking the Customer Experience, or Employee Engagement, is how a business succeeds and how individuals show their contribution to the business.




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