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25 / Nov / 16
By Damian Miller

People development - 6 reasons why 360° feedback matters

People development is a critical focus for the best performing organisations and 360-degree feedback can play a vital part in development programmes. full circle on people developmentWe look at six reasons why multi-rater feedback matters and how it helps you in developing your workforce.

“All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.” – Albert Einstein

Plays an important role in evaluating your people

Well managed 360-degree programmes provide a rounded view of the competencies and behaviours of your people. By creating a 360-degree feedback framework, you can facilitate a more complete assessment of the individuals within your teams. Understanding performance and competency is important to your people and the organisation, in allowing you to succession plan as well as prepare team members for future roles.

Focused on behaviours and competencies

By creating a framework aligned to competencies and behaviours you can ensure that you are assessing and developing your people in line with business and individual needs. Competency frameworks also provide clarity and consistency to the reviewee about what is expected of them and how that is measured across the business. This can make the feedback more credible to the individual because it can be seen as objective and understandable. This system of assessment also allows comparisons and contrasts to be drawn across similar roles and responsibilities throughout the organisation.

Ability to view feedback through different lenses

Having feedback from a number of relevant channels provide a wider spectrum through which to assess performance. It is often tough for line managers to witness all aspects of performance all of the time. This breadth different lenseand depth of feedback provides greater insight into the impact that employees are having across the organisation. Feedback that is consistently endorsed from a range of sources can have a greater impact on the individual when assessing their understanding of the feedback they have received. It can also shine a light on any ‘blind spots’ that the employees have about their own performance as well as reinforce good behaviours as witnessed across the organisation.

Ability to manage consistent performance feedback across an adapting workforce

With the changing nature of workforces, matrix management and flexible working it is increasingly difficult for managers to monitor and appraise an employee’s full performance consistently. Having a simple but effective way of collating feedback from across the organisation regardless of department or geography can be an important building block to a successful people development programme.

Helps to identify individual & organisational skills gaps

Talent management is important to the future plans of any successful business. Organisations that want to retain their talent and ultimately to grow their business are likely to invest in development and succession planning. growth and improvementA well-run 360-degree feedback programme will help to identify individual development needs for your people. Running the programme across the organisation will identify those areas of the business where additional training and development is needed to boost performance as well as to identify where there are potential risks to achievement of results due to a lack of skills or competencies.

Demonstrates your commitment to your people

A 360-degree programme is just one of several ways in which you can demonstrate your investment in your people. Providing a simple but effective way for people to participate in assessment and linking it to development and progression visibly demonstrates that people are at the centre of your organisation.

Are people development and succession planning a challenge in your organisation?

At Survey Solutions, we help our clients by providing simple and effective 360-degree multi-rater reviews through our easy360 system or a tailored solution to fit your needs. Speak to one of our experts for advice and to see how we can help you.


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