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14 / Jan / 16
By Damian Miller

Happy team, happy customers

Linking Employee Engagement to Customer Experience

Before your customers can love you, your team have got to love you first.

More and more companies are realising that there is an inherent link between Customer experience and employee engagement. Engaged and enthusedhappy team happy customer employees are far more likely to deliver excellent customer experiences. They buy into the company culture and understand the vision for engaging customers. As the front line voice of your company in the eyes of your customers your employees are a vital part of a successful equation.

Whilst there is plenty of empirical evidence to show that there is a value to this link there are several schools of thought as to what it actually is. Many exponents believe that talking to your team will help diagnose customer issues as many of them will work closely with customers day in and day out. Others believe that engaged teams create a better customer environment, that people feed off people. The flip side to this is that disengaged teams can actively put customers off. Personally thesetreat customers & employees with respect both feel inherently right but I believe it goes way beyond this.

I have worked with many organisations who have genuinely wanted to listen to their customers and become more customer centric. They have launched often at times complex customer experience programs, relying on their teams to seek feedback and to understand and change based upon the results. Many then question the validity of the program when the results turn up the same month after month, sometimes blaming the program (or even in one case I know blaming the customers for being wrong).

Unfortunately, in these examples leaders often miss the fact that they haven’t properly engaged their front line teams, the very people they need to deliver excellent customer experiences. Your team is your weapon in the battle to deliver your brand promises. Your customers know this already, and so engaging your teams as the key part in delivering your customer experience programs is vital to its success.

It can be difficult to drive change unless you have your teams with you, creating a customer experience program without involving your team could make it an uphill struggle to engage employees with the desire to deliver stand out customer experiences.listen to your customers

Listening to your employees alongside your customers will help to build a holistic picture of how your employees and customers are interacting and how you can create a strategy to build a great place to work that delivers best in class customer experiences to set you apart from your competition.

At Survey Solutions we help our clients to listen to and to understand their employees and customers. We help diagnose challenges and celebrate success. We have the tools to help businesses take action from the insights we deliver and we help leaders execute their engagement vision.


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