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How much time have you got?

Speed-reading, bullet-points & making sure your audience have the information they need!

I learnt recently that the BBC have been experimenting with a new way to speed-read the news on smaller devices, such as smartwatches. A short feature can be seen here.

When I tried it, I was fine with the one-and-a-half-speed, but the text at four times just made me dizzy! I was only able to pick out every third or fourth word and by the end, I had no idea what the story was about!

So, you have a number of options in how to deal with this…you either try again at the same speed, try again at a slower speed, or go to another (larger) device to read it in a ‘normal’ fashion!

Whichever way you look at it, you’ve spent some of your valuable time trying to digest the information.

This begs the question - how much time are we willing to dedicate to reading something? This blog for instance - well done for getting this far!

Particularly for articles, reports and presentations in our business, there appears to be pressure to include only the most salient information for the eyes of the audience. This has its obvious advantages in that it encourages the author to home-in on the most important points, and as a result gives the client a broad overview of the research findings.

However, does this mean that the rest of the insight is unnecessary or of lesser importance? 

There is also a possibility that condensing the information in this fashion could lead to the areas that the business is doing worst in only being highlighted, and what the business is doing well in being taken for granted, or even thought of as not requiring any attention.

To cater for all these eventualities, a number of options should be offered – something that we do at Survey Solutions. We are well aware that some audiences, perhaps senior management, only want to know the salient ‘top-level’ information while specific functions will require much more detail.

At Survey Solutions, we can even put the findings into a video - an easily digestable way in which the findings can be presented, particularly to a wider audience  - and we promise it won’t be at four times normal reading speed!

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