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29 / Jun / 17
By Colin Wheeler

Keeping you informed - June News Roundup

Samsung UK have a point of view on how technology issues can impact productivity, and some tips on working smarter

As we discuss in one of our own blog articles, review sites such as Glass Door are important for employers, but some reactions shared are surprising. From Jonathan Pollard on LinkedIn.

The latest report from the British Social Attitudes Survey is out, finding that Brits are ‘Kinder, but not soft-hearted’.

With a new cyber attack doing the rounds at the moment, targeting companies and government, IT security is too important to be left to the IT department says the CIPD.

With lots of good content, Raconteur have published a Special Report on Employee Engagement and Benefits looking at Disengaged Leaders, Myths about Millenials and What Danes mean by arbejdsgloede/Why UK workers are so unhappy.

Finally, Kai-Fu Lee, writing in the New York Times looks at how AI is likely to impact the world of employment, with some significant risks ahead.


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