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Remember what you said before?

The humble billboard makes a comeback, with some messages from the past...

I mentioned in a number of recent blogs the importance of how we communicate as researchers, in addition to the way we present findings so our stakeholders are able to take away key findings, particularly when they are already time-challenged.

The volume of digital noise in our lives means it’s very easy for politicians (in fact, anyone) to say something and then move on to the next thing very quickly, the result being that whatever was said before, is pretty much forgotten about.

However, Remain campaigners ‘Led By Donkeys’ have used the humble billboard to highlight the past utterances of a number of notable politicians:

What these billboards have attempted to do, is remind people of the key takeaway messages these politicians were attempting to communicate in the lead-up to the Brexit Referendum, as well as afterwards.

As researchers we can use historic information and observations as reference points and to provide context to what we are currently saying – all of this of course, provides a level of influence to the decisions made by stakeholders afterwards.

Perhaps politicians are missing a trick by not ‘owning up’ or referencing what they have said in the past?

Indeed, when it is believed that the political system is broken, could this be a way for politicians to explain why they continue to believe something they’ve said before, or indeed explain a change of mind, in order to possibly re-build trust?

Would / Could this make politicians appear more believable, more honest, more human?

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