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13 / May / 14
By Mary Obozua

The Art of Doing - 4 Steps to Success!

So what do a Hollywood Actor, a Diva, a Game-show Champion and a Tennis Professional have in common to make them super-achievers? According to Camille Sweeny and Josh Gosfield, writers of ‘The Art of Doing’, there are a few key things that high achievers have in common. Together they cleverly interview each candidate, bringing out lessons that we can also emulate in our lives.

I came across this book on course aimed at equipping its students with the skills and knowledge to get the best out of our careers. To get the ‘best’ it is often advisable to learn from those who are already where you want to be or have proven success. Here are  4 things from the book that we could all do to help us achieve our best:

Wait for the right moment –there is nothing like timing and there’s something called the right opportunity. Whilst awaiting the right time to move, prepare and make sure you’re ready.

Drive & Determination– Mo Farrah CBE trained 4 years for the 2012 Olympics, ultimately rewarding him with a double gold medal. Success doesn’t come easy so having determination and drive will help you get there

Passion- passion takes you 50% of the way. It perks you up on the down days and when you get the ‘no’s’. Having passion for the cause is essential for success

Hard-work- the key element here is hard work, doing whatever we do to the best of our capacity. This may mean strategic networking, having no fear of failure so we can ‘start again’ if need be and being committed to practice. We’ve all heard that ‘practice makes perfect’.

At Survey Solutions, we have embarked on a ‘Best in class’ Series of case studies that detail what our high performing clients are doing to make them ‘The Best’. Our 3 part series includes:

  1. how to improve the engagement score
  2. how to increase retention 
  3. how to increase survey participation. 


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