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18 / Oct / 17
By Colin Wheeler

Why measuring success is critical for business

Attending events prioritising the basic concepts of measuring how well we do our jobs, is thought provoking whether it be looking at communications, customer experience or engaging employees.

It’s important to create robust plans for measuring what we want to focus on, to ensure that progress is made and any speedbumps are avoided or managed.

It’s easy to point to the potential costs of surveying customers for their opinions as a reason why some organisations don’t track or report on key measures, but I think the reality is often more subtle.

Cost is often a reason of course, but the thinking time and planning, setting targets as well as selecting the metrics all make the process seem daunting and unappealing.

Plus, who wants to have their homework marked?

The important thing that is needed, to gain commitment and support is understanding that ‘what gets measured, gets done’.

As professionals who want to do the best job, deliver the best service, be the best leaders and engaging our teams, we should all be champions for measurement and evaluation, across all our business activity.

At Survey Solutions we absolutely track our own customer satisfaction, with a careful eye on all feedback and how we can improve.

While we are delighted to have a very strong NPS score of 69, we're very aware that this dropped from 70 last quarter and this gives us a motivation to maintain our strong focus on excellent customer service - we want to get that point back!

Perhaps the benefits of tracking performance should be better explained, and how it can make your organisation stand out.

Whether it is about celebrating your success with proof of the impact made or avoiding making mistakes by responding quickly to feedback, the importance of good quality tracking cannot be over-stated.


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