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29 / Jun / 17
By Mary Obozua

If the Shoe Fits

What are the signs that you may have a retention problem? What you should be considering in terms welcoming new employees and creating a culture where…

29 / Jun / 17
By Mary Obozua

Brexit & Legs-it!

The role review sites like Glass Door has in employer branding and the recruitment process.

09 / Jun / 17
By Colin Wheeler

Keeping you informed - some recent articles we've been reading

We like to keep ourselves informed on news and events. Here are a few articles we've been reading over the last few weeks.

09 / Jun / 17
By Mary Obozua

Progress is More Than Just a Number

Waiting for results of a much publicised, highly visible initiative such as a survey, can be pretty nerve wracking! Especially if it’s taken a while t…

01 / Feb / 17
By Mary Obozua

C'ing is Believing - Useful 'C's' that can make a difference in the workplace

I attended an HR event, which I felt had productive workshops with insights that can be readily applied. I really like events like this as they remin…

25 / Nov / 16
By Damian Miller

People development - 6 reasons why 360° feedback matters

People development is a critical focus for the best performing organisations and 360-degree feedback can play a vital part in development programmes

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