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30 / Sep / 16
By Damian Miller

Brexit effects on customer experience

How might Brexit impact your customers? do you know how they feel and what concerns them? is there a better time to be listening to your customers?

17 / Aug / 16
By Damian Miller

Death of the engagement survey…may be called too early!

You may have encountered several articles online announcing the death of the annual employee survey. This to me seems a little bit premature. After th…

07 / Jul / 16
By Suzanne Pullen

Brexit - So what's next? Engagement Post referendum

As the prospect of leaving the EU slowly starts to sink in and British voters start to see the impact of the referendum outcome which many did not exp…

16 / Jun / 16
By Damian Miller

Employee Engagement takes work, disengagement…not so much!

It’s true of all great things that they need to be worked at. There is often no quick fix or speedy pathway to success, you have got to create it, nur…

03 / Jun / 16
By Damian Miller

7 habits of highly effective customer people

My attempt to emulate Covey with a customer twist...slightly tongue in cheek

22 / Feb / 16
By Damian Miller

When is variety not the ‘spice of life’?

Why consistency matters to employee engagement and customer experience and why variety can erode and eventually destroy experiences

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