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28 / Jan / 16
By Damian Miller

Are ‘bad’ customers really ‘good’ customers?

Bill Gates said “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” This makes sense to me, however, we shouldn’t discount the happy cu…

14 / Jan / 16
By Damian Miller

Happy team, happy customers

Before your customers can love you, your team have got to love you first. More and more companies are realising that there is an inherent link between…

02 / Dec / 15
By Damian Miller

Engaging for a successful 2016

With the end of the year soon upon us, thoughts turn to plans for 2016, we wanted to focus our thoughts on those organisations thinking about or plann…

29 / Oct / 15
By Mary Obozua

Before the door

First impressions do not necessarily dictate whether the evolutionary journey of the candidate will be a success or not, however they are powerful in …

30 / Sep / 15
By Damian Miller

Empowering Workers: ‘Modern Slavery’

With new government legislation about ‘Modern Slavery’ on the horizon it is worth taking some time to consider the impact such legislation could have …

15 / Sep / 15
By Damian Miller

It’s all about the base!

Creating a customer centric culture is about getting your foundations in place, starting with your recruitment policy and putting a customer focussed …

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