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Case Studies

BMI Healthcare
Port Of London Authority
Majestic Wine
Nuffield Health
South Western Railway
DB Schenker Rail (UK) Ltd
Cheshire East Council

Accessible private health care, medical and surgical services from BMI Healthcare, one of the largest quality private health care providers in the UK, across more than 65 locations.

The Port of London Authority works to ensure navigational safety along the tidal Thames, sharing its marine, environmental, planning and other expertise to promote use of the river and safeguard its unique marine environment.

Majestic Wine is the United Kingdom's largest specialist retailer of wine, stocking wines for every occasion

CHEP is the leading provider of pallet, container and crate pooling services for many of the world’s largest supply chains.

Nuffield Health offers 31 private hospitals, 77 Fitness & Wellbeing gyms and many corporate locations and medical centres.

South Western Railway operates around 1,600 trains a day on a network in the South and South West England. They serve more than 200 stations and employ around 4,500 people.

DB Schenker Rail (UK) Limited is a leading worldwide transport and logistics provider. Its business in the UK focuses on extensive rail operations.

Cheshire East Council is the local authority of Cheshire East.



BMI Healthcare is the largest private healthcare provider in the UK with over 70 hospitals and treatment centres. Having conducted an employee survey in house for the last two years this was the first time that the company have run the survey externally.

Survey Methodology:

The key aims of the survey were to gain information to help BMI Healthcare make improvements in the employee experience, in particular to:

- Measure satisfaction, motivation and engagement

- Understand what is driving engagement

- Highlight what is working well

- Identify any issues affecting employee motivation and performance

In summary:

  • 9,229 employees invited to take part in the survey, with approximately two thirds taking part online and a third through a printed questionnaire
  • The printed survey was distributed to 59 hospitals and the online survey was administered using a private link  
  • The survey was live for 3 weeks and all employees were invited to participate
BMI Healthcare


Survey Solutions have been working with the Port of London Authority since 2015. Since that time, a further three full staff surveys have been conducted.  The annual surveys have helped the PLA monitor and improve the levels of engagement and satisfaction.


When asked: What effects are you seeing in your business as a result of your focus on engagement?

PLA: Increased communication, cross team interaction, increased morale (in some departments but not company wide), decreased absence levels and increased productivity.

Port Of London Authority

Majestic Wine is the United Kingdom's largest specialist retailer of wine, stocking wines for every occasion. Majestic Wine aims to inspire everyone to discover and explore the magic of wine. Their range is innovative, vibrant and diverse, whilst representing the best quality and value.  With some of the best trained people in the business, they aim to share their enthusiasm and expertise to encourage their customers to explore the world of wine.

Majestic Wine commissioned Survey Solutions to conduct their 2016 People Survey.  The survey successfully completed in October of the same year, having achieved the objectives agreed pre–launch.

The key achievements of our partnership with Majestic Wine has been detailed as follows with contributions from Louise Ellis - People Director for Majestic Wine:

The challenge: Making Majestic a better place to work

What was the challenge that brought about the decision to seek an external provider for the Majestic Engagement Survey Programme?

“Our focus at Majestic is to make it a better place to work and we wanted to know what our teams thought about working for us so we can improve where we might be going wrong and get even better at what we are doing well”.

How we helped: Invaluable Insight

We provided Majestic with a suite of static and dynamic reporting, allowing them to:

  • Have a streamlined approach to the survey and reporting 
  • Utilise a simple but insightful report that draws on the insights from results and presents these in a clear and actionable format
  • Be able to internally and externally benchmark Employee Engagement scores
  • Interrogate data by using our intuitive online Results Tool to produce subgroup reports and to analyse the open comments provided

We asked Louise to comment on how the survey and reporting tools helped Majestic to inform objectives to make them a better place to work:

“The survey outputs give us invaluable and regular insight into how our teams are feeling particularly about the changes we are implementing as part of our three year transformation plan”.

The results: Focus on Improvement

What have been the results/outcomes/noted improvements at Majestic Wine?

“We are seeing an improvement in employee retention driven out of improving engagement levels. The survey outputs have given us a clear focus on what we must get better at to make our teams happier and therefore more productive. The action planning process that we now use is accepted as a normal part of our day and keeps everyone's focus on our goals”.

Majestic Wine

We wanted a partnership with a provider who could really understand our needs. Within weeks, we commissioned Survey Solutions to develop a 360 degree feedback system for us. We chose Survey Solutions because of their proven expertise in this area and the practical realism that they brought to the table from the start of the project. There was a clear alignment with our values and core competencies that stood out compared with the other organisations on our short-list. 

We needed a company who could

Create an easy to use, multi-lingual, online 360 degree system, to be used to review the skills in employee engagement of CHEP line managers across Europe in 20 countries

We created a 360 system with the following features…

  • An easy to complete, online questionnaire in 9 European languages, including French, Spanish, Greek and Turkish
  • Nomination of the individuals providing feedback by the person being appraised
  • Approval of these nominations by the line manager
  • Bespoke individual feedback reports for line managers, enabling them to compare their performance with other line managers via departmental ‘norms’
  • Ability to compare results against previous years
  • Aggregated group reporting online for CHEP overall and by Division / Department
  • A fully multilingual administration system with two access levels

The benefits for CHEP

  • With substantial numbers of staff operating remotely our online automated 360 system delivered cost savings and efficiency benefits
  • Enabled information about the capability of individuals and groups to be used systematically in talent and development planning systems.
  • Improved self-awareness for managers throughout CHEP
  • Improved employee engagement

Throughout the design and development phase, it became clear that our decision to use them (Survey Solutions) was the right one.  As they said from the start – it will do what it says on the tin- and we were able to have a significant influence on what was in the tin throughout.   


1. What was the challenge that brought about the internal decision to seek a customer/client survey provider?

We decided to seek a provider to help us track and respond to our customer’s opinions.  It is really important to us as a company to find out where we can improve and also to reward great performance. 

We also wanted to ensure consistency amongst reporting, enabling the business to manage the reporting and interrogate the data themselves and online reporting portal

For the Physio and Health Assessment Surveys, the client agenda really drove the business case by wanting a more professional look and feel to the reporting.

2. How are the surveys helping you as a business?

The data from the surveys are invaluable to us.  We can track the performance of all of our products and services continuously so we can understand whether our customers are happy or not.  It is vital that we keep an eye on this and prevent any ongoing issues that could impact our customer’s satisfaction.

3. What improvements have been seen as a result?

Since implementing these surveys, we have seen a trend in improvements across the fitness sites.  Both teams at the fitness sites and head office now have a real focus on putting our customers first and rely on the survey results to make sure we do so. 

4. How do you find working with the Survey Solutions team?

The team at Survey Solutions are helpful, responsive and innovative.  The surveys run seamlessly and the portal is continually improved to suit our needs.  Having such a bespoke service makes a real difference to our company overall.

Nuffield Health


We have used Survey Solutions feedback reports for several years as part of a development tool for all our managers and by using our company competencies as the framework the reports were able to identify strengths and development points for managers.

When we produced our new 5 year business plan the development of our managers was identified as an area to be improved and the feedback reports were considered to be an ideal way of doing this.

Developing our people

We contacted Erin Sage from Survey Solutions as we had developed a competency matrix based on personal development for our managers as part of a new appraisal process.  Working with Erin we were able to develop a new feedback reporting system based around our competency matrix containing a pertinent question bank with scope for in depth comments to be recorded.

Our board of directors were so impressed with the initial design and detail of the feedback reports that they volunteered to be our ‘pilot’ group.  We received detailed feedback from each director on how well the report identified strengths and developmental points and how this linked into our ‘in house’ personal development planning.  The directors agreed to implement the reports within their own areas of the business starting with their heads of department.


The feedback reports are providing the individual with clarity on what they do well and why and equally on areas where improvements can be made.  The reports have certainly made managers more self aware and through personal development planning beginning to enhance their leadership capabilities in particular.

South Western Railway

The Challenge

  • To grow Employee Brand
  • Increased focus on Employee Engagement
  • Gain the employee opinion of entire workforce

The Solution

  • Survey entire workforce and benchmark current levels of employee engagement
  • We kept the core questions the same and have flexed other as our needs have matured
  • Developed Employee Engagement Champions to implement new initiatives that have been reflected in our improved Employee Engagement scores

The Results

  • Year on year increase in percentage of staff who ‘intend to still be working for DB Schenker Rail (UK) in 12 months’ time’
  • Improved overall engagement score year on year
  • Response rate improved per pulse study
DB Schenker Rail (UK) Ltd


An employee opinion survey was last carried out three years ago. Since then Cheshire East Council has continued its journey of transformation and has recently appointed a new Council Leader. As part of this a number of alternative service delivery vehicles (ASDVs) have been established, as well as an ambitious agenda to integrate health and adult social care.

The aim of the survey was to obtain a snapshot of staff opinions, to compare these results with the previous survey, where possible to compare the results of the core Council with the ASDVs.


When asked: What effects are you seeing in your business as a result of your focus on engagement?

Cheshire East Council: Increased activity in all directorates to involve staff at all grades in senior manager led events.

Cheshire East Council

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