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easy 360

easy360 is a simple and cost-effective way to conduct and administer your 360 programme of appraisals. Using pre-developed questionnaires (all fully researched and validated) or your own questionnaire(s), easy360 delivers rigorous in-depth assessment and comprehensive, easy-to-read reports.

Key benefits of easy360

  • Flexible configuration ensures the system operates exactly as you wish
  • Management of the entire system is in your hands
  • A single login and password for each user allows easy system access
  • Lists of Reviewers can be predetermined by an Administrator, or Reviewees can nominate their own Reviewers from your internal directory
  • Approval of nominated Reviewers can be part of the process if required
  • Easy-to-complete questionnaires
  • Simultaneous feedback
  • Participants are automatically invited to take part and reminded about uncompleted tasks
  • Reports are available to view immediately after the closing date
  • Traffic light highlighting signposts the good and less positive outcomes
  • Administrators can monitor response rates and view progress

User-friendly system

The easy360 system is designed to provide you with a simple, straightforward way to manage employee appraisals.

  • All key options and outstanding tasks are displayed on the Home page
  • People able to provide feedback are listed on the Nominate Reviewers page
  • Nominations can be reviewed on the Nominate and Approve page
  • Survey questions can be rated on the Provide Feedback page
  • Comprehensive user support is available on the Help pages
  • The process can be controlled and customised on the Administration pages
  • Reviewees can view and download results on the Report pages

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