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Continuous Feedback

In recent years, discussion in how employee survey might change to be more effective has centred on the concept that more regular checking of employee opinion, engagement satisfaction will be more effective at driving change within an organisation.

This is of course consistent with ongoing customer satisfaction projects, for many companies these run continuously or at regular frequent intervals e.g. monthly, so that they can move quickly when issues arise.

The problem being solved in both customer and employee contexts, is that ongoing monitoring of how the organisation is performing leads to speed of reaction. A criticism of 'point in time' surveys which may take place once per year is that action plans to address feedback are put in place and there is no check on the impact they are having until the next annual survey runs.

Continuous feedback

For employees

The opportunity to react to employee feedback can lead to powerful results that lead to engagement and satisfaction improvements and drive business performance.


For customers

With high acquisition costs for most businesses, identifying customers who are becoming dissatisfied with the experience and why is a major opportunity for businesses to retain customers and contain costs.


Lifecycle / Journey

Does the relationship stage that people have with organisations make a difference? Do perceptions or experience of working for or buying from an organisation change? This approach offers an opportunity to track and investigate the lifecycle impact.


Expert advice and robust platform

We don't expect our clients to become experts in survey research or online survey tools to be able to run effective continuous programs. We partner with client to provide the expert advice and robust platform that takes care of the hard work.

  • Use of online survey platform to administer the interviews with a continuous feedback model
  • Participation options for employee teams that are less-familiar with online interaction or where email addresses are not available e.g. SMS or paper
  • Sophisticated reporting options which deliver
  • Senior management summary results and drill-down detail
  • Team level reporting for managers
    • Results over time to identify trends
  • Reporting filters that are customised to individual organisations
  • Simple interface to manage sample/audience updates

Enabling fast and agile business decision making

Flexible options

We recognise that each business will have unique circumstances, so we avoid limited or constraining the options, ensuring that we can offer the exact solution that fits the client need.

  • Options frequency of interviewing - weekly, monthly, quarterly or ad-hoc.
  • Sample based interviewing (interviewing a proportion of the employee base each survey cycle) or polling all employees
  • Customised 'one-off' questions for short term concerns that arise in all businesses
  • Routing options to enable department or division specific questions
  • Expert advice on questionnaire design and analysis
  • Self-select proactive options to provide feedback

Flexibility is a central part of our approach, recognising the complexity of a modern organisation in a challenging and competitive environment.

Only to say thank you for the service we received. We have used other service providers where we felt more like a customer, but with Survey Solutions we felt like a partner and the process, from start to finish, was specific to us.


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