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Effective Continuous Feedback for Employees

What makes continuous feedback work for employees is the action that is taken based on results.

For many organisations, getting results of the annual surveys communicated to managers and their teams takes a long time. There is then a process of developing and implementing actions plans to address the feedback, in time for the next annual survey.

With Continuous Feedback this process becomes much more immediate and fast paced - and is an ongoing activity. Action plans are established at the start of the program, but then are adapted and re-prioritised as new feedback comes through.

This represents a significant culture change which needs to be managed by the business carefully to ensure the Continuous Feedback programme achieves the expected aims.

Some factors to consider are:

  • Will employees respond positively to providing feedback frequently and is there a risk of 'survey fatigue'?
  • How will the Continuous Feedback survey fit into other survey activity within the business?
  • Do managers need training on how to use results from continuous feedback?
  • Is the business setup to implement and track actions quickly, to ensure a timely response to feedback?

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