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Lifecycle Tracking

One style of continuous feedback goes beyond the straightforward tracking of key measures, to consider how the 'life-cycle' of the relationship with an organisation might affect the experience.

This matches well across employee and customer surveys, for example, stages within a lifecycle might be:

Employee stage

  • New joiner
  • Completed training
  • Five years of employment
  • Recently promoted
  • Leaver / exit survey

Customer stage

  • New customer
  • Repeat purchaser, or renewal
  • Product or service upgrade
  • Long term customer
  • Dormant customer


The stages themselves will vary for different organisations, but in an environment where specialist skills are scarce, recruitment and retention are important to track for employees.

In highly competitive marketplaces, understanding where customer satisfaction dips, or where the customer experience is being matched by competitors can drive decisions on developing new customer propositions. In customer scenarios too, the overlaying of segmentation (e.g. 'regular purchaser', 'repertoire purchaser') etc. can be powerful.

Questionnaires tailored to lifecycle stage or customer journey can help in developing action plans to address specific issues identified for these groups, improving employee retention and customer loyalty.

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