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Customer Experience

Your customers can tell you how to improve their experience, you just have to listen. Customers are regularly saying that they want to ‘feel valued’, ‘listened to’ and ‘respected’. In fact, even without a customer engagement strategy, your customers are reviewing their experiences and sharing their stories more than ever before. So why not take control of the situation and put the customer at the heart of your business?

Survey Solutions can help you to make the right connection with your customers, to get an understanding of your customer stories and measure the success of your brand promises to your customers.

Customer experience

What is Customer Experience?

We believe that highly satisfied customers are the key to organisational success. Maximising customer advocacy, commitment and satisfaction can generate significant growth.

Mapping the customer journey and listening to their feedback at each key touch point is a vital way to gain a better understanding of the experiences you are delivering.


Customer Surveys

Our customer experience experts will work with you to create the review survey that is right for you and right for your customers.

Utilising our best practice approach we will ensure that you capture the thoughts and feelings of your customers and gain the insights you need to deliver great experiences.


Measuring Customer Experience

Every business wants satisfied customers who want to repeat the experience and tell others about how great these experiences are.

These outcomes are a key way of understanding the customer experience and the pathway to loyalty. Overall satisfaction, intention to return and intention to recommend are solid indicators of the health of your customer engagement. We can also create a Net Promoter Score as part of your customer review.


We know all about your customers

We help you understand the needs and wishes of your customer. Using a range of sophisticated surveys and feedback systems, we measure and track all aspects of customer behaviour to deliver data that is: 

  • Relevant
  • Immediate
  • Targeted
  • Actionable
  • Affordable

With this pool of valuable data, we work with you to help you take the key decisions that will make your business truly customer-centric.

Be the company your customers want you to be

Create a positive experience for new and existing customers and you build lasting, loyal relationships. Provide anything less than a wholly positive customer experience, and your customers may look elsewhere.

To get the insight you need to build quality customer relationships that last, call +44 (0)20 8943 1445.

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