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Customer Surveys

A clear focus when planning any customer project is vital.

Here are just some of the important questions that you need to consider in a typical customer experience feedback programme:

What do you want to measure?

  • What is important to your customers?
  • Why do they choose your brand/company/organisation?
  • Are these factors already reflected in business values and goals?
  • What are the critical Key Performance Indicators on which you will judge performance?

Who needs the customer feedback?

  • Are you building a general and central customer survey programme for marketing planning?
  • Are you looking to get feedback down the line to front line managers as quickly as possible?
  • What will senior management need, to keep their finger on the pulse of customers?

What’s the best way to find out what we want to know?

  • What interview method will be most convenient for your customers?
  • What depth of questioning is needed?
  • Can the feedback be effectively gathered via an online self-completion survey or will skilled interviewers be needed?
  • What is the timescale for completion of the feedback?
  • What frequency of feedback is required?

When do you need the results?

  • How will the voice of the customer fit in with your business planning cycle?
  • How quickly can we implement change?

How do you want to present the results?

  • How can we use the results to engage management teams in action planning to improve the customer experience?
  • How widely dispersed are the teams and managers that will ACT on the research results?
  • Should results be presented personally, by sending out reports, or by accessing information and feedback portals?

Our systems start at just a few thousand pounds per annum (plus a one-off development cost), for a continuously available system. We can almost guarantee to save you a LOT if you are using one of the larger, well known data capture and customer feedback systems.

IMPROVE your Feedback, and Start SAVING - speak to a customer feedback specialist NOW:

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