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Measuring Customer Experience

Net promoter Score (NPS)

Likelihood to recommend a product or service is often very closely linked to overall satisfaction: the more satisfied a customer is, the more likely they are to recommend that product or service. Work in recent years has led to a strong belief that how customers respond to the ‘willingness to recommend’ question can be highly predictive of a company's growth, profit and/or competitive potential.

The appeal of this single measure lies in its apparent simplicity

Measuring Customer KPIs

We recommend including customer experience metrics in balanced scorecards or similar KPI reporting tools tracked alongside your other Key Performance Indicators. Tracking over time should show where customer experience is influencing the other KPIs. Specifying an expected year-on-year improvement in customer experience levels in managers’ objectives makes the link between customers and business performance explicit and highlights its importance – it is managers who need to lead engagement in their teams and their actions will often have a strong influence on it. 

Capturing Customer Stories

Through the use of open comments we can capture your customers’ stories. Engaged customers are always keen to tell you their experiences, both the good and the not so good. These stories are a powerful way of understanding what sits behind the customer scores and contain valuable information to help you take action to improve the experience.

Drivers of customer experience

Drivers of customer loyalty typically include other factors in the customer experience, such as service levels, staff attitude, being listened to, respected and engagement with brands. We use Key Driver Analysis to show you which survey results are affecting engagement the most, highlighting to you where to focus your post-survey efforts.

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