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Measuring Employee Engagement

Levels of employee engagement are revealed by uncovering evidence across a number of areas: the job itself, co-workers, customers, management and the organisation as a whole. Using our well-established engagement model, we measure, report and track all these key sources of evidence to provide you with a robust and statistically proven method of effectively defining engagement in every survey we run. 

We use employees’ responses to up to six key questions (covering advocacy, pride, satisfaction and commitment) to derive two fundamental measures of engagement:

The Employee Engagement Index

The employee engagement index defines the extent of engagement in the organisation, division, department or other group, where a score of 100/100 is the maximum level of engagement possible. This is a key metric that can be used to compare results between divisions, departments, over time, and by benchmarking externally against other organisation.

Engaged / Passive / Disengaged

By analysing the pattern of answers provided to the key questions, it is possible to (anonymously) identify each employee’s level of engagement. Establishing the proportion of employees in an organisation that are Engaged, Passive or Disengaged provides a powerful starting point for action planning and clear evidence that be presented in the boardroom.

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Drivers of engagement

As well as uncovering evidence of engagement, it is important to recognise what is driving it. This could be factors such as trust, leadership, management, a sense of feeling involved and wellbeing. We use Key Driver Analysis and Engagement Mapping to highlight what is affecting employee engagement, enabling you to focus your post-survey efforts where it is needed most.

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