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What Is Employee Engagement?

Successful businesses have one thing in common – engaged employees who go the extra mile. They don’t have to be cajoled, bribed or forced to give your customers the added value they desire; they do it because they want to.

That’s a very powerful asset for any business. So how do you achieve it?

  • What are the main factors that drive Employee Engagement?
  • How do you identify them?
  • How do you measure employee engagement?
  • How can you ensure your managers nurture engagement?

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Employee engagement

Consistent Feedback

Timely and constructive feedback from your manager is an essential part of performance appraisal. It builds motivation and allows issues to be identified and dealt with before they become serious problems. However, service or supply issues may be invisible or unclear in the immediate workplace. Consistent feedback from a wider audience of internal or external customers can play an essential part in continuous improvement of inputs, processes and outcomes.

Employee engagement

Regular employee engagement surveys and feedback encourage conversations that provide valuable insights into what is really important to your people.

Robust measures

Having robust measures of employee engagement will help you assess progress and compare levels of engagement across your whole organisation, as well as against other employers.

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