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26 / Apr / 18
By Ajay Mistry


James Brown and his 'version' of Employee Engagement...

18 / Apr / 18
By Colin Wheeler

The elephant in the room may not be so big – GDPR update

As the GDPR implementation date comes around on May 25th, are all the emails you're getting about how scary, dangerous and expensive this new regulati…

12 / Apr / 18
By Ajay Mistry


Stakeholders = Customers. Right? Read on...

20 / Feb / 18
By Mary Obozua

Is Everybody On-Board?

A company strategy is a road map for all to follow in order to reach the desired business goal. This usually requires ‘all hands on deck’ and supp…

12 / Dec / 17
By Mary Obozua

Things to learn from award winning cultures

Lessons can easily be learnt from what not to do, however it's also good to learn from the best in class or the winners on what they did to win. C…

19 / Oct / 17
By Mary Obozua

Saving 'My' Uber & Why Brand Perception Still Matters

So I received an email from Uber's London Boss Tom Elvidge. I then happened to watch 'Undercover Boss'...

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