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Uncover the secrets to powering your growth, profit and market value

Do you understand what motivates your workforce and encourages customer loyalty? Using insightful surveys, smart analysis and a strategy for change, we deliver value-adding feedback that will optimise all aspects of your business.

Sophisticated online surveys

Maximise survey uptake with our professional online surveys, useable on all devices and with advanced features such as multi-language. Printed and telephone options also available


Delighting our clients…

100% of our customers in the last 12 months said they were satisfied with our services overall. Most are also willing to recommend us, giving us a Net Promoter Score of 67.

Class leading reporting and data visualisation

Take your results further with our industry-leading online tools - unlimited reporting to support your action planning

Employee Engagement and Benefits Report

Published in the Times by Raconteur, this report provides new perspectives on critical issues for HR Leaders


Employee Surveys

Your employees are your most important asset. So it makes sense to maximise their potential and ensure they are fully engaged in what they do. And that means recognising their views, understanding what motivates them and being aware of the obstacles that get in their way. We tailor your survey to meet your needs and deliver fast online access to your results, to help you gauge current attitudes


360 Degree Feedback

With 360 degree staff appraisals, you receive feedback from self-evaluation, supervisors, direct reports, peers and external sources such as customers and vendors. Armed with this insight, you are in a position to implement positive measures that enable each employee to fulfil their potential and be part of a high-performing team


Customer Experience

Business success is built on being able to deliver the optimum customer experience at the right price. Relevant, accurate and valuable insight into your customers’ behaviour, can be the driving force behind your business decisions. The better market intelligence you gather, the better insight you gain and the better decisions you can make


Continuous Feedback

A ‘point in time’ survey fits many needs and for a lot of organisations will be sufficient. However, sometimes a more frequent, ongoing check on key measures is important. This could be tracking customer experience in a highly competitive market place. It might be managing employee experience to avoid high turnover of specialist trained staff. Our solutions provide the insight to react quickly with in-the-moment updates on organisational performance.


We have helped

a multinational technology company that has undergone substantial restructure to gauge how satisfaction and loyalty levels within its global customer base can be improved, what actions are needed to build on employee engagement levels and how the two are linked together

a leading transport and logistics provider to increase employees commitment to the organisation and improve employee retention

a large southern-UK-based County Council to understand the usage of their household waste and recycling centres and find out their visitors views, tracking perceptions over time

a northern-based dispute resolution service to improve employee engagement and reduce disengagement through improvements in internal communication

a world-class hospital group to achieve its best-ever employee survey response levels and identifying factors to improve employee retention

a top-end UK retailer to understand how employee engagement can impact on sales, helping them to achieve an ambitious revenue target

a large healthcare group to highlight where in the organisation employee engagement is strongest and weakest, focusing on topics for action that showed significant improvement by the next survey

a major player in the wellbeing and fitness industry to gain an ongoing understanding of customer satisfaction with its services and to instigate focused service recovery measures, improving customer retention

a UK-wide food producer to engage its employees and agency workers using their native languages to feed back their perceptions of their employment experience and working environments

a global provider of online collaboration tools to improve the extent that the company values are embedded in local practice and management style.

an international tobacco company to understand employees perceptions of its shared services provision and to identify how it could become more effective

a global company in the logistics industry to gauge perceptions of individual managers leadership capabilities and enable the development of each manager by providing both feedback and an online development planning tool

a professional body to develop its employee engagement levels over a period of more than 5 years, resulting in positive culture changes to drive organisational effectiveness and improve the bottom line

a large northern-UK-based Borough Council going through a major transformation programme to understand engagement levels amongst staff and to take actions to support their staff through this critical transition

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