360 Degree Feedback Evaluate individual capabilities and behaviours for development and growth

About 360 Degree Feedback

Feedback from colleagues, peers, direct reports, line managers, customers, and external suppliers gives a comprehensive insight into the strengths and development areas a person exhibits in their job, as seen by those around them.


easy360 is a simple and cost-effective way to administer a 360 programme of appraisals. Using our pre-developed questionnaires or your own questions, easy360 delivers rigorous in-depth assessment and comprehensive, easy-to-read reports.

360 Tailored for You

For a large scale solution to your 360 Degree Feedback needs, our Enterprise-level 360 Web Applications could be just what you need. These can be fully bespoke, incorporating international, multi-lingual requirements, branding, customised reporting etc..

We have used Survey Solutions feedback reports for several years as part of a development tool for all our managers and by using our company competencies as the framework the reports were able to identify strengths and development points for managers. The feedback reports are providing the individual with clarity on what they do well and why and equally on areas where improvements can be made. The reports have certainly made managers more self aware and through personal development planning are beginning to enhance their leadership capabilities in particular.

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Intuitive software platform

Our in-house 360 platform enables you to manage the entire 360 process with ease, customised to your needs.

Features include :

  • Responsive design, compatible with all devices including mobile.
  • Either a self-service or fully managed model.
  • Easy to understand assessment reports.
  • Automated reminders to ensure high response rates.
  • Wide range of 360 workflows supported, such as line manager approval of nominations, controlled release of reporting to coaches etc.

Survey Solutions builds trust by giving excellent service, listening and taking action on what I've discussed. Approaching work with enthusiasm and taking ownership, going above and beyond to achieve great results. Amazing customer service - when I need help and support the team are always there for me. Survey Solutions have a wonderful product which meets the needs of my company. They also have an innovative approach to what the customer requires.

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Making feedback work for you

Too often, appraisal feedback can be too general in nature, leaving little in the way of an action plan.

In contrast, our employee assessments are designed to generate actionable responses and deliver meaningful change. We invite all those within an individual’s operational area to provide feedback that can transform careers and boost company performance.

Our all-encompassing appraisal systems assess a wide range of skills and behaviours, including:

  • Relationships between people and teams
  • Customer interaction, both externally and internally
  • How managers mentor and encourage their teams
  • Communication skills at all levels of the organisation

The reaction to the systems has been very positive, with quite a number of comments about the logical sequencing and ease of use. The workflow element of the systems has also aided efficiency, with good visibility of process status for both users and system administrators. With the support of Survey Solutions we now have a reliable software platform that allows managers and appraisees to focus on the quality of the performance discussion. The Survey Solutions team have always been very good at working in partnership with Infinis. They have proved responsive to our requests, clear in terms of project planning and delivery, and very supportive to our post-implementation service requirements.


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