Coronavirus surveys to staff and customers
How can we help you during the COVID 19 coronavirus epidemic?

We are keen to support businesses as the coronavirus situation develops, so have been considering how our skills can be utilised to help.

Our skills are delivering research surveys, so we have developed a short survey to elicit feedback from stakeholders on how organisations are responding to the crisis.

If your organisation is facing the challenge of keeping in touch with, or managing contingency plans for stakeholders, then please get in touch and to discuss how Survey Solutions can support you.

The questionnaire we’ve developed is about 25-30 questions long (ca. 5 minute duration), and covers the following areas.

For employees:

  • Keeping staff informed of and confident in the actions being taken by the organisation
  • Making sure that there is appropriate support for staff during the crisis
  • Managing concerns and issues that may prevent employees being able to make the contribution needed at a critical time

For customers:

  • Are customer needs being considered and managed
  • Are there clear points of contact for the organisation during the crisis
  • What is the impact on the products and services
  • Are there longer term plans ready and in place

The whole team at Survey Solutions are friendly, responsive and approach everything with a "can-do" attitude. The resulting report and data was very high-quality and provided an excellent foundation for our staff survey action plans.


In addition to our core questions, we anticipate that a few customised questions for your organisations will be needed.

From this feedback the organisation can quickly get reliable information which can inform decision-making, while not taking away the resource of key personnel who are already fully at capacity with other activity.

Due to the nature of this crisis, and recognising the economic impact on many organisations, we are offering this survey on a heavily discounted basis, so we can make this service accessible for as many of our clients as possible.

This comes with all the usual Survey Solutions services:

  • Expert senior researcher guidance on the questionnaire design
  • Management of online surveys from setting up emails and sample lists to tracking responses when the surveys are live
  • Online surveys that adapt to different devices, smartphone, tablet, laptops etc.
  • Sophisticated reporting tools available from our online platform
  • Insight reporting as a commentary document or presentation
  • Ongoing advice and consultancy after the reporting is provided

Good understanding of the business and the aims and objectives as to why we undertake the survey.

Very flexible and response and provision of excellent reports/information and support in presenting this back to the business.

British Medical Association

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