Staff Surveys Know what your staff need to succeed

What is staff engagement?

A fully engaged employee is committed, speaks highly of their employer and is enthusiastic about performing to the best of their ability.

Staff engagement surveys

Our survey specialists can help by using carefully considered questions, providing results to inform managers and assist decision making.

Measuring staff engagement

Our Employee Engagement Index and our Engaged/Passive/Disengaged measures allow you to track engagement and evaluate engagement throughout your business.

The whole team at Survey Solutions are friendly, responsive and approach everything with a "can-do" attitude. The resulting report and data was very high-quality and provided an excellent foundation for our staff survey action plans.


Bespoke solutions to maximise engagement

We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ staff engagement surveys.

No two organisations are alike, so we work in partnership with clients to develop a tailor-made solution that fits their specific needs.

This can incorporate a range of approaches, including:

  • Simple and in-depth surveys
  • One-off and on-going survey programmes
  • Regular Pulse surveys
  • Focus groups or 1-1s to investigate specific issues
  • Ongoing feedback systems providing regular updates on the employee experience
  • Online reporting and action planning for local managers to see the results for their teams

Good understanding of the business and the aims and objectives as to why we undertake the survey.

Very flexible and response and provision of excellent reports/information and support in presenting this back to the business.

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The benefits of employee engagement

There is plenty of hard evidence about the value of engaging employees. We believe that:

  • People who work in organisations that effectively engage their workforce benefit from increased motivation, productivity and job satisfaction
  • Managers benefit from a greater retention of talented employees
  • Customers benefit from a better user-experience
  • ..and the business benefits from an improved bottom line

Knowing what drives employees to succeed can transform a business!

Download the latest report on employee engagement

Survey Solutions service allows us to achieve good response rates from our employees, with minimum fuss and preparation time, and helps us to understand the results.

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Intuitive software platform

Complementing the insight and advice provided by our team of experts with our written reports and presentations, we offer an easy to use, yet sophisticated, reporting platform.

This enables you to interrogate your data as you prefer.

Our developers can create bespoke platforms to fit your business needs.

Features include :

  • Visually rich reporting, with clear alerts showing significant results
  • Tailored dashboard reports, focused on key areas within your data
  • Comparisons against benchmarks and historical scores, highlighting changes and differences
  • Drill into your data with fully-featured cross tabulations
  • Generate leaderboards and discover the areas of excellence for the organisation

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