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08 / Sep / 15
By Mary Obozua

Making Change Look & Feel Good

Change will happen, especially when it’s beyond control like a political situation. In terms of looking after our people, there are things we can do i…

31 / Jul / 15
By Mary Obozua

10 things to do after your next survey

Preparing to launch an employee engagement survey requires a lot of preparation and planning.

28 / Jul / 15
By Damian Miller

The Age of the Empowered Consumer!

Empowered Consumer! For some time now I have been hearing this phrase that we are in the ‘age of the empowered consumer’, but what does that mean? Has…

25 / Mar / 15
By Mary Obozua

Mind the Gap!

I was discussing with a friend, the mystery of work-life balance, well-being and how to bridge the gap for a more fulfilled life.

15 / Feb / 15
By Mary Obozua

Confused at where to start?

Running an employee engagement survey requires careful planning to ensure you get the best results.

24 / Jul / 14
By Mary Obozua

Off the wall

On the 30th April 2014, I attended an event by Great Places to Work titled –‘Transform your business through the power of trust’.

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