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A growing need for flexibilty

What we do in our day-to-day lives, means that our working lives have to be as flexible as possible.

21st century employees have an expectation that most, if not all companies will offer some form of flexible working – whether it’s the odd couple of hours to attend a dentist’s appointment or a schedule allowing for an everchanging and fluid week. 

A recent BBC report highlighted the decision PwC (Pricewaterhousecoopers, one of the largest professional services firms in the world) have undertaken with their new recruits, regarding flexible working hours. The pay and benefits offered to these new recruits will be the same as those offered to current employees, where possible.

This level of flexibility involves putting a great deal of trust on the employees – at the end of the day, deadlines still need to be met, and an understanding that time is not mis-used. It also reassures employees that when flexibility is required, the arrangement does not become an awkward issue, that could otherwise create resentment amongst fellow workers.

As someone that started their working career sometime late in the 20th century (ahem!), I can see that the need to be flexible has become rightfully better and stronger throughout every aspect of our working lives in this century, as this graphic from Jacob Morgan’s book, “The Future Of Work” shows:

A fixed approach, whilst producing ‘a’ result, doesn’t necessarily always provide ‘the’ result. 

It’s also a question we sometimes get asked at Survey Solutions by our clients. Are we able to be flexible – are the questions that will be asked fixed, or can we choose our own?

While there are fixed approaches that may be useful to some clients, our answer to the question of being flexible is always the same – a resounding “Yes”! The need to be flexible, to ensure that the questions meet the needs, aims & objectives of our clients is absolutely paramount.

A flexible approach also means that the information you get back is right and will allow you to put together the action points necessary to correct the things that aren’t working, whilst ensuring that you maintain the things that are.

So, whether you wish to speak to your employees, or your customers, or both to gain an understanding to see how one can influence the other, why not give us a call or drop us a line?

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