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29 / Jun / 17
By Mary Obozua

Brexit & Legs-it!

The front page of the Daily Mail from March 28th this year was slammed across social media and other major publications as ‘sexist’, and once again lifted the lid on the ongoing debate into gender disparity in the workplace and portrayal in mainstream media.

British Prime Minister Theresa May and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon were captured simply having a chat between a series of important political meetings, however their ‘legs’ were somehow promulgated as ‘front page’ news.

As a nation, we are still trying to find out whether women should be treated the same as men, including equivalence in pay, something being addressed as organisations are now being required to ‘publish’ their pay grades by the Government Equalities Office.

Sexism is one aspect of fair treatment of employees and some companies are doing their best to show that not only did they pay fairly, but they also have inclusive working policies, zero tolerance to discrimination and overall, they operate a good place to work.

Why do organisations see this as so important, aside from the obvious risks of discrimination cases? Review sites like Glassdoor are providing a forum where past and present employees can comment on issues like these and this affects the reputation of your business as a good employer. There is a direct view into what the company culture is like.

If you’ve ever used an employer review, you’ll know that you can quickly find out whether a potential employer is fair or discriminatory in the eyes of the employees. You can find out a whole lot more than an employer might care for about topics such as fairness and leadership. This is an integral part of the recruitment cycle and impacts brand image, making employers no longer able to dismiss it.

At an event run by Reward Gateway, employee engagement platform providers, the CEO Glenn Elliot mentioned that he takes feedback seriously and reviews each one on Glassdoor and responds to them. He talked a lot about ensuring employees past, present and potential got the message that he cared and therefor the company cared.

"The mistake I was making with Glassdoor was to think it was a recruitment website. But now I realize it has much more to offer. Glassdoor is actually more important as a communications channel between your people and your leadership. Forget about the people that you might recruit in the future, the most important people to connect with are the people you have already hired, who you’re already paying and who you’re already relying on you make your business successful. Understanding how they feel about work, about decisions the company has made and about things that are going on now is most important."

Glenn Elliot, CEO, Reward Gateway. (See blog post here.)

Occasionally issues that hit the news arrive at the office door. They become part of the picture of what it’s like to work for an employer. Review sites play a role in recruitment by providing job insight direct from the employee experience.

Review sites are not going to go away, so like Glenn mentioned, you can make it work and utilise it as part of the holistic cycle of connecting with employees.


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