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15 / Feb / 15
By Mary Obozua

Confused at where to start?

Running an employee engagement survey requires careful planning to ensure you get the best results. There never seems to be a perfect time and some of us are still trying to produce an effective business case as to why employee engagement isn’t just a ‘nice to have’.

Based on best practice, we’ve put together a yearly countdown that you can use interchangeably, and tick off all the suggested steps for an effective launch.

Here’s the snapshot:

12 months to 6 months

Think about the survey objectives

Review results from previous surveys

Run focus groups to gain further insight and create survey champions

6 months to 3 months

Feed results to selected employee engagement solutions provider

Ensure questionnaire development is personal to your business and addresses specific themes raised in focus groups; also ensure questions are based around survey objectives

3 months to 1 month

Start communicating to employees via methods that will reach all employees

Ensure they know their views matter and results will also be communicated

Ensure buy-in is from the top down and all understand purpose of survey



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