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15 / Sep / 15
By Damian Miller

It’s all about the base!

So you want to create a customer centric culture?

It’s about getting your foundations in place, starting with your recruitment policy and putting a customer focussed team together right through to your communications strategy.

Have you got all the building blocks in place to deliver great customer experiences?

Hiring to succeed:

It all starts with the recruitment of your people. Recruit for attitude, train for skills is the old adage but how easy is it to spot customer centric employees? There is nothing like seeing an employee dealing with customers in a live situation to sort out the top performers. You are looking for sensible, level headed people who can empathise with customers and want to work for your brand. But how do you test for it all? Getting recruitment right for your business is a vital part of ensuring consistent customer engagement down the line.

Training to embed:

Once you have all the right people, you need to also ensure that you have a programme of continuous improvement in place. Running alongside the skills of the trade should be a defined customer programme, spelling out what the company’s expectations are and the vision for delighting customers. If you don’t look to raise the bar you could be in danger of stagnating.

Measurement to perfect:

So now you have the right people and a development cycle, next you need to monitor and measure whether your team are delivering on your brand promises to your customers. Have you captured the customer journeys? Are you listening to how they feel? Are you engaged with them? What does success look like? You need an experience programme so your team know how they are being measured and your customers know you care.

Action to improve:

Great well now you have the right people, training and listening posts in place, how are you going to take action? What is the plan for converting those customer stories into compelling business initiatives? How do you encourage your teams to take on these actions and create momentum for themselves?

Communication to inform:

Once you have all that how do you plan to keep the business informed? How are you going to keep your great, well trained people engaged with your vision and goals? How do you ensure your customers know you have listened? You need a communication strategy so that everybody knows where you are and where you are going. Including your customers. Closing the feedback loop can be a fulfilling customer experience.

This all sits under the umbrella of the customer culture you have just created in your business.

Have you got all the building blocks in place to deliver great customer experiences?

At Survey Solutions we help our clients to listen to and understand their customers. We help diagnose challenges and celebrate success. We have the tools to help businesses take action from the insights we deliver and we help leaders execute their customer engagement vision.


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