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09 / Jun / 17
By Colin Wheeler

Keeping you informed - some recent articles we've been reading

As a nod to the important events in UK politics over the last day, the MR industry and particularly political polling has come under fire over the last couple of years. A good overview of the #GE2017 polling is reviewed by Research Live.

On a more serious note, the CIPD have published a detailed research report which has many important findings for HR leaders. One that stood out was the importance of up-skilling existing employees in light of a challenging recruitment market, but there is lots of good analysis and insight here.

A light-hearted piece on unusual employment benefits from UK employers from the Daily Telegraph – which one is your favourite perk, perhaps the Star Wars cinema or annual sailing trips to Maldives!

 Of course, a successful business not only wants engaged employees, loyal customers are an important obsession as a Harvard Business Review article explains, with a helpful way to define your ‘competition’ in customer terms.

Finally our new MD, Colin, recently encountered delays on a flight that made this contributed article from Forbes on Great Customer Service Cultures stand out.




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