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17 / Aug / 18
By Mary Obozua

Using the blocks you need to build your future

Quite a few of us are waiting for a particular milestone to springboard the next phase of our lives. For example, a promotion, a particular weight goal, a bucket list trip or activity. Whatever that is, often we find ourselves suggesting that when we get ‘there’ we would start - this is usually all that is required to sustain the new level of achievement. 

I once read that whatever you think you need to do when you get ‘there’, start doing it now.

My view is that some of those things we think will only be relevant then, are actually part of the stepping stones that lead towards the end goal. It makes for a more natural progression into the new ‘role’ or that new phase.

Pat McGrath, a British make-up artist, born and raised in Northampton has recently had her make-up line valued at over $1billion.  At present what we see is the glamorous editorials, glossy front cover photoshoots, a mass of celeb clientele and products that give the popular fashion houses a good run for their money.

With a $60 million minority stake in Pat McGrathLabs by Eurazeo brands, Pat McGrath is officially a self-made billionaire in 2018.

 Pat McGrath

Self-made means having succeeded in life unaided []

During an interview with Vogue and Time Magazine, McGrath reflected on her upbringing and childhood, talking at lengths at about how her mother effectively prepared her for this moment:


"She trained me, basically, to do the shows, right there... look at the pattern, check the fabrics, look for the make-up - and begin...she was always mixing up colours because there wasn't anything out there for black skin". 

"She always put on a full face of make-up then got in the bath to get that dewy finish. This is where I got my make-up tips from - at seven years old". Allure magazine

Her masterclasses and wisdom echo the very point that success is often when preparation meets opportunity.

It's felt by some that employee engagement is transitional. Improvement is measured when the score goes up a few points based on a series of key indicators. There’s never a time not to start with all the quick wins and initiatives.

In his recent blog employee engagement blog, Keith Hatter, CEO of Planet K2 suggested that although it isn’t an easy journey, ‘doing’ and keeping employee engagement alive is not a one-off thing:

"It’s hard work and it takes effort, discipline and practice. It’s a lot easier to leave these things unaddressed and have company events, birthday cards and engagement surveys instead."

In essence this applies to different aspects of life as mentioned at the start. That is waiting till ‘then’ and just hoping things will work out. It’s not really anything, new, more of a reminder perhaps. So, whatever you need to achieve, start doing so today!


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